A public adjuster is a professional claims handler who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant's insurance claim.

Studies have shown that policyholders that hire a public adjuster usually make up to %700 more than on their own.
Give us a call and let us inspect the damages so we can see if we can be good a fit for you to maximize your claim quickly and efficiently.
Yes !!
And we never rush or push to have our contract signed.
We answer all the questions and explain the process in great detail first. 
Usually 10-30 minutes, depending on how much damage there is.

We here at Mighty Public Adjusters always set enough time to answer all questions and make sure that there is a clear understating of our contract. So don't feel rushed during your free inspection and if for any reason you think of another question don't hesitate to call.
During the inspection one of our main focuses are to determine that there is enough damages to qualify the making of the claim, and checking your deductible and any limits of coverage.
So if you are not sure if you have enough damages, reach out to us for a free inspection.
We offer a free inspection  and  consultation !!!

On all regular claims we charge 20% net, during a State of emergency declared by the Governor (Named Hurricane), Public Adjusters are only able to charge 10% if signed within the year,

So if you make nothing we make nothing.

Yes we require that all our clients sign our standard public adjusters contract before we begin any work.

Our contract offers a 3 day cancellation period on regular claims, and a 5 day cancellation period on all state of emergency claims as declared by the governor. 
Yes we pride ourselves in this area, if your insurance sends someone to your house we make every effort to be there and guide you on the process and explain whats going on.
Yes of course we do !
We currently have a 5 star rating on Google.
Yes, all public adjusters have to be licensed and bonded with the Florida Department of Financial Services.
Our lead public adjuster is Michael Gutleizer and his License Number is W391994.